September 29

1902: Philadelphia Jack O’Brien W 6 Joe Choynski, Chicago.

1905: Fidel La Barba born.

1936: Charley Burley KO 4 George Leggins, Pittsburgh. Burley’s pro debut.

1939: Lloyd Marshall W 10 Teddy Yarosz, San Francisco. Referee: Jack Downey

Yarosz was knocked down in the 10th round. The Oakland Tribune thought the worst Yarosz should have received was a draw.

1941: Joe Louis KO 6 Lou Nova, NYC. Retains World Heavyweight Title.

1944: Erubey Carmona born Eidibiel Chapin.

1947: Ezzard Charles KO 2 Lloyd Marshall, Cincinnati. Marshall took counts of “7” and “9” before going down for the full count.

1967: Emile Griffith W 15 Nino Benvenuti, NYC. Regains World Middleweight Title. Griffith is the victor by scores of 9-5-1 twice, 7-7-1.

1972: Venice Borkorsor KO 10 Betulio Gonzalez, Bankok. Wins WBC Flyweight Title.

1973: Carlos Monzon W 15 Jean-Claude Bouttier, Paris. Retains World Middleweight Title.

1975: Zolani Petelo born.

1977: Muhammad Ali W 15 Earnie Shavers, NYC. Retains World Heavyweight Title. Ali’s final victory in a World Heavyweight Championship fight. Ali always insisted that Shavers was the hardest puncher he ever faced.

1990: Brian Mitchell W 12 Frankie Mitchell, Aosta, Italy. Retains WBA Super Featherweight Title.

Welcome Ncita KO 8 Gerardo Lopez, Aosta, Italy. Retains IBF Super Bantamweight Title.

Khaosai Galaxy KO 6 Yong Kang Kim, Suphan Buri, Thailand. Retains WBA Super Flyweight Title.

1992: Virgil Hill W 12 Frank Tate, Bismark. Regains WBA Light Heavyweight Title.

1993: Leeonzer Barber W 12 Andrea Magi, Pesaro, Italy.

2001: Byron Mitchell W 12 Manny Siaca, NYC. Retains WBA Super Middleweight Title.

Bernard Hopkins TKO 12 Felix (Tito) Trinidad, NYC. Unifies World Middleweight Title.

Joel Casamayor KO 8 Joe Morales, Miami. Retains WBA Super Featherweight Title.

Steve Forbes W 12 John Brown, Miami. Retains IBF Super Featherweight Title.

Ricardo Lopez KO 8 Zolani Petelo, NYC. Retains IBF Junior Flyweight Title. The last fight 81-year old Arthur Mercante would referee.

Roberto Leyva Tech. Draw 3 Miguel Barrera, Ensenada, Mexico. Retains IBF Strawweight Title.

2007: Clinton Woods W 12 Julio Gonzalez, Sheffield, England. Retains IBF Light Heavyweight Title.

Chad Dawson KO 4 Epifano Mendoza, Sacramento, CA. Retains WBC Light Heavyweight Title.

Kelly Pavlik KO 7 Jermain Taylor, Atlantic City. Wins World Middleweight Title.

Joseph Agbeko KO 7 Luis Alberto Perez, Sacramento, CA. Wins IBF Bantamweight Title.

2012: Alexander Povetkin KO 2 Hasim Rahman, Hamburg, Germany.


September 30

1904: Joe Walcott D 20 Joe Gans, San Francisco. Retains World Welterweight Title. Walcott defends his claim as World Welteweight champion. Shortly after this fight Walcott accidentally shot himself in the hand and was out of action until mid 1906.

1912: Pete Herman D 6 Eddie Coulon, New Orleans. Herman’s pro debut.

1919: Sam Langford ND 10 Harry Wills, Syracuse, NY. The Syracuse Herald reported that it was a very disappointing fight and that it wasn’t important ‘whether Wills won or Langford won or it was a draw.’ It did report that Langford’s eye was closed and his mouth cut at the end, while Wills only suffered a damaged reputation. Newspaper decision according to Boston Globe.

1926: Tod Morgan W 15 Joe Glick, NYC. Retains World Super Featherweight Title.

1937: Billy Conn W 15 Teddy Yarosz, Pittsburgh. Referee: Freddie Mastrean | judge: Karl Kohen | judge: George Kutzbauer. Results from the Pittsburgh Press. Conn staged a dramatic rally in the last three rounds to win the decision. The decision was very unpopular; most of the spectators thought that Yarosz had the edge on rounds won, on which basis the fight was judged. The official verdicts were 8-6-1 and 8-7 for Conn and 9-4-2 (Mastrean) for Yarosz. Regis Welsh of the Pittsburgh Press scored it 8-5-2 for Yarosz.

1945: Antonio Gomez born.

1947: Miguel De Oliveira born.

1949: Rinty Monaghan D 15 Terry Allen, Belfast. Retains World Flyweight Title.

1959: Dick Tiger W 10 Joey Giardello, Chicago. Referee: Walter Brightmore 48-45 | Judge: Jim McManus 47-43 | Judge: John Schreiner 47-45.

1961: Benny (Kid) Paret W 15 Emile Griffith, NYC. Regains World Welterweight Title.

1962: Jeff Franklin born.

1978: Sung Jun Kim KO 3 Netmoi Vorasingh, Seoul. Wins WBC Junior Flyweight Title.

1980: Guillermo Rigondeaux born.

1989: Jesus Rojas W 12 Fidel Bassa, Barranquilla. Wins WBA flyweight Title.

1990: Marcos Villasana KO 8 Javier Marquez, Mexico City. Retains WBC Featherweight Title.

1995: Ralf Rocchigiani W 12 Mark Randazzo, Hanover.

Roy Jones Jr. KO 3 Tony Thorton, Pensacola. Retains IBF Super Middleweight Title.

Naseem Hamed KO 8 Steve Robinson, Cardiff, Wales.

1996: A federal court in Albany, New York, orders heavyweight champion Mike Tyson to pay his former trainer, Kevin Rooney, $4.4-million for unjustly firing him in 1988.

Former welterweight champion Don Jordan, 62, is found comatose in a Los Angeles parking lot, the victim of a savage beating, and placed on a life support system at the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.

2000: For the first time since the 1948 Olympic Games, The United States fails to win a gold medal in the boxing competition at the Sydney Games.

2006: Hugo Cazares KO 10 Nelson Dieppa, Caguas, Puerto Rico. Wins World Junior Flyweight Title.


Full Credit: Richey S. Jones
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