DirecTV Boxing Nights: Caraballo and Laboy Go to War; Jayson Velez KO’s Caro


DirecTV Boxing Nights: Caraballo and Laboy Go to War; Jayson Velez KO’s Caro
By Robert Quijano

Universal Boxing Promotions returned Saturday night with their ongoing series DirecTV Boxing Nights from El Palacio De Recreacion y Deportes de Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. In the Main Event of the evening Felix “La Sombra” Caraballo successfully defended his WBA Featherweight Fedecaribe title against undefeated Edgardo “Eggie” Laboy in a War. The bout started with both trading shots in the first round. It was a close round but I gave it to Laboy for his output of punches although Caraballo landed the harder shots. In round 2 both fighters traded shots with Laboy throwing flurries of 5-6 punches at a time but again Caraballo landing the harder shots and dominating the round. Round 3 both went to war.

Felix Caraballo vs. Edgardo Laboy – Photo Credit: Rob Quijano /

A very exciting round as they stood toe-to-toe in the center of the ring. Caraballo took the round again as his body shots appeared to take their toll. In round 4 Laboy came on and doubled the output of Caraballo. Caraballo did not appear tired but seemed to take the round off. Rounds 5-8 Caraballo regained control with his body shots. Laboy tried to fight back with multiple flurries but as the rounds progressed his punches lost their steam. Caraballo’s body shots were wearing Laboy down and Laboy began to hold. There were several instances of both fighters going at each other but Caraballo was the stronger fighter. Laboy maintained his speed but lost his power. Each round has exciting exchanges but Caraballo was the clear victor. Judges scored the bout 78-74 twice and 79-73. The crowd applauded both warriors.

In the Co-Main Event Jayson “La Maravilla” Velez successfully defended his WBC Super Featherweight Fecarbox title against the very tough Mexican Giovanni “El Ruso” Caro. Velez began the bout controlling the action as Caro came forward. Velez had better control of the ring and boxed effectively but Caro continued forward with his own attack.

Jayson Velez vs. Giovanni Caro – Photo Credit: Rob Quijano /

In the 2nd round Velez’ trainer William Cruz yelled for Velez to attack the body and this was the difference. Velez cornered Caro and landed thumping shots to the body. Caro began to slow down yet tried to keep fighting. Caro suffered a cut over his right eye in the round. Round 3 was more of the same with Velez working the body then attacking the right eye of Caro. Velez’ body shots forced Caro to lose his mouthpiece twice and the referee issued a warning. Round 4 started with Velez again controlling the tempo. Caro landed some hard shots to Velez, as he was swinging for the fences but Velez moved effectively and returned to attack the body. Velez forced Caro against the ropes and landed a massive right uppercut dropping Caro to his knees. Caro’s return was questionable as he took the full 8 count. The action continued and the accumulation of punches to Caro both to the head and body left his defense wide open for a huge body shot that dropped him again.

Jayson Velez vs. Giovanni Caro – Photo Credit: Rob Quijano /

The referee called an end to the action at 1:53 of round 4, as Caro obviously could not continue. Velez looked good against the rugged Caro and now the question remains if Juan Manuel Lopez will be the next in line for September, as is rumored in Puerto Rico.

Undercard bouts has Bryan Lopez by TKO over Jonathan De La Paz at 2:42 of round 1. John Anthony Correa by TKO over Argenis Camacho at 2:40 of round 1. Kelvin Floyd Bahamundi defeated Jesus Feliciano by unanimous decision (all three judges scored the bout 40-36). Jean Carlos Quintana (son of former World Champion Carlos “El Indio” Quintana) had a successful debut with a TKO over Andrew Nuñez. Nuñez came to fight also in his debut but the accuracy and power of Quintana was too much. Nuñez did not come out for round 4. Ruben O’Neill Mass remained undefeated with a TKO over Manuel Galaviz. Galaviz did not come out for round 3. Orlando Gonzalez defeated Luis Diaz Torres by unanimous decision. Torres tried to make the fight a street fight but Gonzalez counterpunched effectively and outboxed him. Scores were 59-55 twice and 60-54. A very entertaining and explosive fight card. Looking forward to seeing the prospects in future action.

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Rob Quijano
Boxing Writer & Photographer at BORICUA BOXING™
After obtaining a black belt in Nisei Goju-Ryu as a teen, I became a sparring partner for a friend who was a professional boxer in Puerto Rico in the early 80's. My true passion was unveiled and that led to a brief amateur career and then becoming a Boxing trainer while serving in the US Army and after my tour was served. I am a proud Father of 4 and have been covering boxing as a writer/photographer for 18 years. Protect yourself at all times and keep jabbing!

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Rob QuijanoDirecTV Boxing Nights: Caraballo and Laboy Go to War; Jayson Velez KO’s Caro